Fish whether

Fish whetherOften we meet mature already people, which vozmu when enough to neglect, and despise, whereit is necessary to show participation.

areas of negative feelingswe are selfeducated persons; training in the life alphabet, adults teach usonly to several letters, and the others conceal.

Fish whether vitelno, what we read incorrectlyThe child feels the bondage, suffers because of fetters,grieves for freedom, but to it it not to find, because a formeducation changes, and the contents a ban and prinuzhdethe scientific research institute remains.

We cannot change the life vzrosly as we are brought up in slavery, we cannot giveto the child freedom, while we in shackles.

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It will help

It will help And can be and such that the majority of members of the family have identical color of aura.

Depending on what at you color of aura, your behavior has the features.

Relationship between children and parents too is under construction, in many respects being based on color of aura.

To understand this question, I suggest to study the short description of features of each color of aura.

It will help you to define, what color of aura at you and at your relatives.

Children and parentsRed color of auraPreferenceThis color strengthens all unconscious functions of intelligence.

Fans of the red people passionate, like to boss, be leaders.

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We clap! Purpose

We clap! Purpose This game is useful that teaches behavior rules between people.

We clap! Purpose development of emotional communication of the child with the adult, adjustment contact.

Game course The teacher claps with words I will slap in palms, there will be I good, we Will slap in palms, there will be we good! Then suggests the kid to clap in palms together with it Let's clap in palms together.

If the kid does not repeat action of the teacher but only looks, it is possible to try to take it to a palm in the and to make cottons them.

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Functionality When the kid will collect enough information, he will draw a conclusion and will know that and how you at all do not assume.

The previous generations had small immunity to receiving a personal experience.

Enough several accurate phrases or subject names that the child did not try to collect any more about it information were a time.

Functionality of subjects allowed to accumulate small information in the left half of a brain and closed possibility to a creative hemisphere to look out of its limits.

Thus, the child quickly built borders of the world and lost to much interest.

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Suzuki explained

Suzuki explained By the way, beginning threeyear childrennever heard from the teacher a word badly, and onlywhether it is good or It is possible to make it even betterTry once again.

Suzuki explained that shouldto exist some levels of a praise and that is betterto keep silent, than to rebuke.

Suzuki method at all does not contradict other methodsalso it can be used as additionto them.

After all the system of the Japanese musician it is ratherphilosophy and practical method, rather than performingschool.

Musical academy of the doctor of Suzuki If I let's to the newborn listensuch classics, as Brandenburg sky concert, or Serenade of Tchaikovsky,or Beethoven's quartet, I will choose onlyone phrase also I let's it listen to the child to the wholeday.

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It was not used

It was not usedThe main idea of a technique of Zaytsev consistsin the following training should lean on everythingforms of perception of the child thinkin activepractical independent activities, hearingand a visual memory, and the main thing it is necessary to help the childto read and consider playin cheerfully, without the tiresomesitting behind a school desk.

Here pertinently to remember that traditional pedagogicshad a training material on the invariableto principle a rule exercise.

Besides,all material did not gather in a certain place.

It was not used and on system from the private to the general, from the general to private.

Here to these defects also paid attention of Hares.

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Only around

Only around It should, on vozmozhto Nosta to feel near mother, under her guardianship and protection.

Only around threeyear age it ripens for morewide field of activity also starts to lay on standing communication with environment, developing in the socialthe plan and differently forming relationship with mother.

Allow, and how the father Here, if it was possible, I with pleasure would cease to click on keyboard keys, filling the text, and obra to fathers directly.

Yes, it is difficult for hearing and even more difficultly to catch.

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